Saturday, April 9, 2011

April 9, 2011

We have finished our 10 days at the MTC. We decided that we would come back to Bryan and Sariah's while we wait for Monday and our flight to Manilla, Philippines. We enjoyed our MTC time. There is some remodeling happening at the MTC so we were able to stay at the Marriott. It was very nice but we also spent some very long days at the MTC. The day started with breakfast at 7:00. Then class from 8- 4:30 with lunch at noon and dinner at 5:00. Language tutoring was from 6-8 every evening except Tuesday when there was a devotional at 7-8. Then it was call for a shuttle and try to stay awake to study for the next day. Wow!! We were not used to a schedule like that. But we survived and it was good. We spent two day in Salt Lake. One day we learned about the Perpetual Education Fund. Next we toured Welfare Square and the Humanitarian Center with a special lunch at the Lion House. We met some wonderful people. All of the teachers were so good and so patient with the Senior Missionaries.Tagalog is far from perfect but we know what it sounds like and we can bear our testimony in the language. It was hard work but it was also very spiritual work. We are both so thankful for having the opportunity to serve a mission

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