Sunday, September 18, 2011


The month started out with a Career Workshop for six missionaries that had completed their missions and were heading home to continue with the next chapter of there life. It was different teaching a small group. You have a lot more interaction with everyone in a small group. We join the group on Monday night for dinner at the Mission Home.This time we had chicken chili and doritos and of course rice. After the class we had hot fudge sundaes. We also have lunch the next day so two meals we don't have to cook.
                                                  Elders Nielson, Gustafson and Cornel
                                                   Elders Valenteros, Valete and Bulandras

That same week there was a class offered for those who are interested in starting their own businesses. The Academy for Creating Enterprise. There were over 30 in the week long class. We spent several hour  observing the class. Now our job is to encourage them to register on I am learning how to text and hope my thumbs last. It will be interesting to watch the results of the class. Several of the participants attend our ward.
Sister Bernadett SanPascuel is the Relief Society President of the Naga 2nd Ward
Rose took off work at the mission home to attend the class. Don't know the middle one but Kathleen Gamil just returned from her mission and has  graduated from college as a  midwife.
This little guy is the youngest graduate of the class. He attended every day with his Mom and was very good for the whole week. Graduation for the class with be Sept 27.
The last two weeks has been the Penafrancia festival. The Catholics of the region converge on Naga to celebrate a statue of penafrancia who is supposed to have great healing abilities. She is transfered from  the Bascilica to another church in Central Naga where she resides for 9 days. She is then transported back on the river with many boats and people. This week there were parades every day and roads were closed and we had a interesting time getting around..The churches are all very busy with services inside  and venders outside. We were only able to see one parade. Today we attended church in Libmanan and it took us over 30 minutes just to get out of Naga. We were going to get groceries on Saturday and after a couple of detours we headed back to the house and stayed there.We were invited to lunch at a neighbors where we were treated to several filipino foods. They were all good but we both passed up the blood pudding. It is made from the blood of a pig. The flan was wonderful as was the fresh coconut fruit salad. We were able to meet a couple of our neighbors which was good.
                                                             Boy Scouts
                                                                    Girl Scouts
 All the bands are in full uniform. They started lining up at 6a.m. We got there about 10 a.m.They were probably hot and tired and it even rained about 8:00.

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