Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30

More than a month has gone by since our last post. We have had problems with internet connections.
We have gone through 2 typhoons. The first one, we didn't have a clue what was happening. The wind blew and it dumped rain by the bucketfuls. When we went to church the roads were flooded. The first try, I told Elder DeGrange I was not going to drive through all that water. It looked like it was about 12 inches deep so he turned around and we came back home. He gave me about 30 minutes to compose myself and suggested that we go to church. By now the water was even deeper but the truck made it through. We attended the Camaden Ward Elder Matthews announced to us that we were in a stage 3 typhoon. Now we knew why all the wind and rain. It was Fast Sunday and we just stayed for Sacrament Meeting and came home. The water was even deeper but we made it home and we stayed home. I have never seen so much water. Last Sunday they announced in Church that another typhoon was headed our way and should be in Naga on Thursday. All we got this time was some rain and very little flooding. I was so thankful. I feel so bad for the people that live in low areas. They have not even been able to dry out before more rain came.
This was taken several days after the typhoon and there is still so much water. The rice fields are flooded.
The first Career Workshop was at the end of April. The missionaries that will be going home have the opportunity to participate in the class

 They all worked really hard but they still had a lot of fun. They will be an asset to their wards at home. Most of the missionaries are Philippinos.They are a choice group of young men and women. We will be doing the next class on June 13-14. Then that group goes home and another one comes in on Wednesday and Thursday. Busy, busy.

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