Monday, May 30, 2011

May 4

We moved into our house last Wednesday. The address is L18  B12  20th St. Parkview Village, SanFelipe, Naga, Bicol, Philippines. There is probably a postal code but I don't know it yet. The house has 3 bedrooms but only one has air con. That is the only one we use, but you are welcome to come and visit. Naga is a old city with very narrow streets and lots of traffic.We live in a subdivision out of town and there are security guards at the entrance. In fact there are security guards everywhere. When we go to the SM Mall at the entrance there is a men side and a women side and they check all purses and bags.I have just quit carrying one.  Elder DeGrange packs all the money.We don't have much furniture yet. Sofa and chair, TV with only one channel and it is in Tagalog, 6 plastic chairs and a teaching table from the church, a bed,a washing machine ( and its not a wash board - thats what the single missionaries get) and 2 fans. Everytime to go shopping we come home with something else that we need. It is quite a challenge to totally stock a house.
The mission office gave us a mop,broom, a small pot. We bought a fry pan,dishes, eating and cooking utensils and we are set.Friday we were going to go to Legaspi but as I was doing dishes the faucet broke and I got a surprise shower.So we stayed home to get the little emergency fixed. We didn't have any hot water on the main floor for bathroom and kitchen and that's was because there is not a water heater. There is a small one in the bathroom upstairs. It's really ok cause the water is not very cold here! We are learning so much and are so thankful for the many things that we just take for granted at home.       
Saturday was a big festival in Manila because the church has been here for 50 years. There was a big dance festival that was broadcast to all the church units. Sunday was an area conference again from Manila and Salt Lake. It was a really good meeting.Everyone gets a big smile on the face when they see our missionary tags and say Welcome Elder and Sister and then frown as they try to decide how to pronounce our name.
We observed our first Career Workshop Class, Monday evening and Tuesday Morning.We also had dinner and lunch at the Mission Home. There are a few perks!! Sister Abonalla gave the class to 14 missionaries who completed their missions and going home on Wednesday. Great experience to be in the company of the elders and sisters. They were a great group of young people.The food was great too. A sister in the Stake does the food and it all local in others words there is always rice. We had pork chops and some kind of beef, vegetables and yummy deserts.
 We had lunch at the mission home last Wednesday also - there were a couple of former missionaries and their wives visiting. They visit every couple of years and find humanitarian projects to do. It was very interesting to listen to their stories.
After lunch, we found a couple of places to get our hair cut. Mine cost 75p ( $1.50) and Larry's was 40p. It is amazing how little they make. We went to what is called Central on Sat. This was our first tricie ride and I would do it again. So much better than trying to find a parking place. We bought fresh mangos, pineapple and apples. My favorite shake is now mango.
Now I have photos to go with all of this rambling but because we live where there are no phone lines and will only be here for 18 months we had to but a smart card to get internet on the computer and it will not let us Skype or add pictures. so maybe we will go and sit in the mall where they have free wifi


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