Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year - 2012

We need to complete the happenings for 2011 because the new year has arrived. In our neighborhood, it arrived with one of the best fireworks shows we have ever seen and we watched it from our balcony. One rocket even landed in our yard. The fireworks had been going off for over a week in preparation of the BIG SHOW.
The Naga 1st ward party was Dec. 27. We enjoy watching all the talent and games that were played. The party started at 3 in the afternoon for the children. Then the adult party started at 6, but the kids did not go home. The Primary sang some songs. The Elders were asked to do a game and they drafted us to participate. They took off their ties and we had to tie one color in two knots and the other one with one knot and pass them around the circle. If you got caught with two ties you were out. Elder DeGrange was the first one out! It got a bit crazy but it was fun.Then it was time to eat. They brought in the whole pig roasted to a golden brown.Sister Madaline Evangelista with a cleaver in hand made short work of that pig. This was the first potluck that we have attended so there was all kinds of Filipino food. It was all good but some I would not go back for seconds. We had been in Legazpi all day so we left shortly after eating.
                            The guest of honor
 Naga 1st ward Christmas Party  Dec. 27
 Sis. Madaline Evangelista with the cleaver and helpers made short work of that hog.
 Bishop Pacunza and his wife, Jewell
 Naga 1st. Elders enjoying all the free food.
Julius Such, one of our English students, enjoying the food.

On Friday we went with the Bakers to Tabaco to move a couple of Elders into a brand new apartment. It is so nice and the elders will enjoy having their kitchen inside of the house instead of on the back porch. When the work was finished we took the sceanic road back. It is a hilly narrow road that follows the coast. It was a beautiful ride as you can see from the photos. It was a nice day and a great change from our normal Fridays.
 Elder and Sister DeGrange along the beautiful Philippine Coast
 Elder Milt and Sister Carolyn Baker a mission couple from Logan, Utah
 Catholic shrine along the road
 Clothes drying
 Marigolds grow everywhere, even in the Philippines

That evening was the Stake Gathering. We decided that even tho we were tired we would attend the party. There were so many people there.Some of the older sisters saw us at the door and made room for us to sit. Each ward or branch had a talent to share. They like to dance and sing. When it was time to eat we decided to head out for a ham sandwich at our house. As we were leaving Pres. Gamil grabbed my hand and said. "This way sister" and led us quickly back to the kitchen where we were handed plates and were able to load up with chicken, roast beef, and more pork and of course rice. Everyone laughs at the little bit of rice I take. At each classroom there was sisters from the different units serving more food. When we went back to the cultural hall there was plenty of room to sit because most were out on the lawn. It was a beautiful warm evening - great for sitting outside.Some children were sitting by us and we enjoyed talking with them. They asked if we were Mormon. We said yes and asked are you? The answer was no, they came with their Lola (grandmother). One of the girls asked if Elder DeGrange was my husband and when I said yes, she then asked if I loved him. Of course I said yes. The conversation was interested and I wonder why those questions.

The two little girls that sat next to us. Didn't get their names but aren't they cute.
Saturday night we went to the Bakers for pizza  along with Pres.and Sis. Bliesner. We enjoy being able to get together with them enjoy hearing about each others experiences and frustrations and funny stories. It is good for the soul. As was mentioned earlier we came home to a great noisy color show. The next day was Sunday and we attended the Naga 2nd ward and were surprised that Sacrament Meeting was the only meeting for the day. So at 1:00 we attended the Naga 1st ward and called it a day. Happy New Year to everyone.

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