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February 2012

My goal is to write weekly however the month seems to fly by and here it is a new month and only one post in January. We taught two Career Workshops in January 11-12 was for the missionaries that were going home. There were 9 elders and one sister. Sis. Valdez held her own with all the elders. This was the liveliest group that we have had. As always it was good and we do enjoy working those young men and women.
          Elder Ermitanio with Sister Bliesner at the piano
 Elders Mendoza, Vedrio, and Schmitt
 Elders Ramos.Vedrio, Mendoza, Sis Valdez, Montureto, Desalet, Ermitanio,  Cadayong Schmitt, Elder and Sister DeGrange and in front Elder Bacolcol.
The Elders having fun with Willie the Mission Home guard and his gun.

Our next group was on Jan. 21 with the Employment Committee and District member from the Iriga District. We were scheduled to start a 1:00 but finally at 2:00 there were enough to start. By the end of the day,we ended up with 18. This was our first time in driving to the church by ourselves and we could not find it.We asked several people and no one knew. That is when you have to depend on the Lord and as usual He came through and we saw the sign. We arrived at 12: 55. 
On Jan. 15, we helped with a Stake Employment training with the Bishops, RS Presidents and all the committee members. Again we were supposed to start at 5 and finally we started at 6. This is teaching us patience. We had a good training and appreciate the support the Naga Stake is to the Employment Resource Center.
 There was good attendance from the Naga Stake
 Elder DeGrange, Employment Chair- Bro. Chua, Stake Pres. Gamil and counselors Pres. Diaz and Pres. Avencia
Carlo does a great job in explaining the programs.

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids in the English Classes that we are teaching
 This is our Thursday night class - John, Julius, Donna, Mac, Megan and Kim. There were not too many there the night we took the picture. We should be finishing the class in a couple of weeks.
This our Legazpi class - Yasmine, April and DR and us. April is waiting for her visa. She has been called to Temple Square Mission. D.R. has been our most faithful attender. They are all fun to be with and to teach.
We attended church in Libmanan which is about 1 1/2 hour drive. The road is bumpy with several detours. This part of the road is about finished. They put rocks on the finished part to keep vehicles from driving on it and it works. This next picture is a big hopper that was resting on our back gate.
One of the fruits is the Jack Fruit. It tastes quite good. This one was at the mission home. When they get ripe they fall from the tree. That is when Willie then gets it ready to eat.
Roosters in our subdivision being groomed for the cock fights. Each rooster has a rope tied to one leg and tied to a stake. We have a cock arena close to where we live. Fights are held 3 times a week and the parking lot is filled with bikes and cars.

Tami sent us some wall art and so here is what it looks like. They really brightened up the white walls in our house.That takes care of January. Now for February.
Feb. 1 we flew to Manila and then drove to Tagaytay for a ERC planning meeting. It is in the mountains and a lot cooler than what we have been having. I even wore a jacket on night. The weather felt just like home on a very cool spring night with the wind blowing. Tagaytay has a active volcano in the Taal Lake. It was very pretty there and it was a nice get away.
We could see the volcano from our hotel. It looks like the whole top has blown off.
We had our meetings in a bed and breakfast just down the hill. It was a good walk for us. We were excited to have Elder Misalucha at the meeting with us. He is over the Welfare program in the Philippines.
Elder Misalucha and Bro. Jomel Villaneuva, director over the ERC
Elder Misalucha making a point

The South Luzon Employment Group with directors and missionaries.
Two sets of sister missionaries have been assigned in the area since we received our call. It was good to meet them and find out the different things that they are doing. We got lots of good ideas.  From the left - Sis. Franer from St. George, Sis. Walker, Salt Lake, Sis. Christensen, Salt Lake and Sis. Mentague, Bountiful.
Here we are in the new shirts they gave us.
 The Olongapo Group
 San Paulo Group (along with Sis. Yolly who is never without her camera)
The Legazpi Group
some miscellaneous  pictures
One very white cow again staked to the pole.
 Sister Yolly's idea
 Lunch at Bag of Beans
Our hotel
Friday afternoon we headed back to Manila. We stopped at a roadside market and bought a hugh pineapple, some mango something and a large slice of Jack fruit. Then about 30 min. we stopped again for a snack. By then we were in the middle of Friday night traffic. We made it to the hotel about 6:00. Carlo, Larry and I walked to the mall and had some dinner. Checked out the mall and it was just like all the rest so back to the hotel. Our room had a big bath tub complete with jets. I filled up the tub and had a great bath the first in 10 months. There was even bubble bath. Saturday morning we had breakfast at the hotel at 6 and left for the temple. The Manila Temple is a beautiful and it was very busy. We were able to get into the 8:00 session. We were able to take a couple of family names with us. It felt good to be able to attend the temple. We checked out the Distribution Center and saw Elder Areola one of the missionaries that had in the mission when we arrived. It was good to see him. Bought a couple of things and caught a taxi back to the hotel and got ready to head to the airport. It felt good to be home even tho we had a really good time. I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks and it was good just to relax at home and hopefully get better.
 Manila Philippines Temple
Elder and Sister DeGrange at the Manila Temple Feb. 4, 2012

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