Monday, April 30, 2012

Another month is has come and gone. April has been a busy month for us. We started out the month with a Missionary Career Workshop. There were 8 Elders and one sister and not one was from the US. It was a fun group. It is our hope that we are teaching skills that will enable them to be better prepared to look for employment when they return to their homes.

April Career Workshop with the missionaries that will be returning to their homes.
April 5 and 6 were holidays namely Holy Thursday and Good Friday. All the business were closed for those two days, even the Mall. We had gone shopping on Wednesday and the store was packed and we wondered why - on a Wednesday.  We understood when we discovered that everything was closed for two days.
Saturday and Sunday was General Conference and we watched it via the internet. It was broadcast here the following Saturday and Sunday.  Then Monday was another holiday.  Zone Training was on Thursday. Goa and Naga zones were together this time so it was a full house. It always good for us to be able to meet with the missionaries and feel their spirits and enthusiasm. 
We are teaching English in both Naga and Legazpi. It is summer break here and our classes are very small.  A small class gives us the opportunity to really interact with the class members. We laugh a lot and get to explain that sheet in an ok word and that sew is not sue.
Saturday April 14 we had training in Ligao. We thought it was to start at 1:00. At 9:30, we received a text asking us if we were coming. We replied that we were just getting ready to leave.  Another text arrived stating “You are our speakers. Please come.” We had the time wrong. Ligao is only 1½ hours away. Needless to say, we were very late but they all waited and didn’t seem to mind. They had lunch ready when we arrived and then we did the training. President Reola did some training while they waited.
Ligao District Training on Helping with Employment
The next week after our English Class in Naga, President Lucillo had us over for a late dinner at his place. We had a delightful Filipino dinner. We each had a whole fish complete with the head and a vegetable dish that is a bit like spinach. I made a chocolate pudding cake for dessert along with Reddi Whip. The kids had never seen that and got a kick out seeing the cream come out of the can.
April 23, we were in Tabaco doing a presentation for the Single Adults Conference. I made my very first Power Point and it turned out ok.  The conference was at beautiful beach resort. Elder and Sister Howell did the first part on the PEF program and we talked about resumes and interviewing. We start by playing a ball game on staying focused. We had a great time. We were so thankful that Carlo went with us so we didn’t get lost.
Elder DeGrange introducing the presentation on Resume's and Interviewing

We play a ball game that teaches the importance of staying focused . 

The Tabaco District Single Adult group (the guys disappeared)  at Mullner Resort

The beach with beautiful black sand

Couple missionaries serving in the area. The Howells - PEF Missionaries,  The Miskins - Teaching Missionaries. The DeGrange's, Welfare Missionaries
Wednesday, we were in Ligao doing a presentation at the District Youth Conference. We did the presentation for an hour 3 times with about 25 youth in each group. This time we talked about goals and staying focused. We played the ball game again. It was an enjoyable morning. The Howells did their presentation and Elder and Sister Lawhorn did the 3rd presentation.

YW from the Ligao District and it is time for lunch.

Aren't they beautiful?

A couple more of the YW

There were some YM at the conference

The church had banners all along the building that the youth decorated the middle banners are hands and feet of the participants.They were having a great time and we enjoyed getting to know them.
That afternoon, we went to see Kawa Kawa a Catholic display of the crucifixion of Christ. There were 12 points and it was all up hill. I am so out of shape. We were so blessed when the sun went behind a cloud and stayed there until we were finished with the hike.  The Last Supper was the start of the trek and ended with the Resurrection. The way it was all portrayed was very good and we enjoyed it.

The Last Supper

The Risen Christ

My face is very red, but I made it and it was good.
Larry managed much better than I

 It was a beautiful hike.
 We attended the Seminary and Institute graduation earlier in the month. Both of us were asked to accompany a couple of young people on .the Red Carpet Walk to receive their certificates.

Putting down the Red Carpet, Elder DeGrange and Dylo DeGuzman
Diane Lucillo and her mother. Diane is one of our English Students
Julius Such and Henry Cledera. Julius also took the English Class
Graduating class. Stake President Gamil and 1st couns. Diaz in front
The Gamil cousins, some our favorite young people

Statue in the Nabua town square. It is just newly painted and we discovered that they are standing on a coconut! Nabua is having a celebration. The main roads are all covered with banners.

Road construction warning signs. There is also a man that stands off to the side and waves a green flag when it is safe to go.
Today is Saturday and we are ready for a rest. It has been a busy month. We enjoyed Conference and all the inspiring messages that were given and we are thankful for the internet that allows us to see and hear the messages and also to keep in touch with family and friends.

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