Sunday, April 1, 2012

March 31

March went very fast. We had a busy month and time flies when we are busy.  March 17 was the RS Birthday Celebration. This was held at the new church that was just dedicated. It has a beautiful yard with grass. The theme was Grow Where You Are Planted. Sister Baker and I were two of the speakers. I spoke on the importance of strengthening families. Sis. Baker spoke on Missionary work. Pres. Gamil spoke on Growing where you are planted. After the meeting everyone went outside where each ward was to make a banner showing the theme. Then there were competitions later with a lunch of pancit noodles. Earilier that morning we taught a Career Workshop with Sister Jo to young people that are graduating from high school and applying for PEF loans. After making the rounds and looking at the progress of the banners we headed home.
Sis. Baker checking out the banner that the Milaor Ward is making

Naga First Ward working on the banner.

Naga First Sisters. The sister in the front is a midwife and has deliver many babies. The sister in blue is the Family History Specialist in the ward. Sis. Cairns is a super missionary, always bringing investigator to church. The RS pres Sis. Such is in the light colored shirt.
We received a certificate for speaking; Pres. Gamil, Sis. Agwin, Stake RS Pres, Sis. Baker and me  

A tricie squeezing in where there is no room while we were stopped for road construction. Note the driver and the three people on behind him. 

A new Catholic Church just out side Pili. When we came it had no doors or windows but they were using it. They are finally getting it completed.

St Gregoria Cathedral in Legazpi. It looks very old and is right in the center of town.
We are watching this banana blossom. It hangs over the fence at the Legazpi Stake Center. The banana tree has an interesting blossom. We have to check it out every time we are there.

I really like the red color of this foliage of this plant. It is used to like a ground cover. This are taken at the Legazpi Stake Center. The one below is just an interesting palm tree.

Tis the Season of the Broom. This past week there are brooms for sale all along the road.
Larry's birthday lunch with homemade flour tortillas and all the fixings for tacos. Birthday cake and ice cream for desert. It was all very good.

The birthday boy - sure doesn't look 72

This picture didn't come out too good. This is Pres. Pangan of the Legazpi Stake with Elder and Sister Howell. The Howell's are PEF missionaries and are visiting the Naga Mission locating students who have PEf loans. They have been giving Firesides to the youth and parents to educate them about the PEF program. We have seen them quite a bit as the ERC works with the PEF.They are in the San Pablo mission but our mission is blessed that they are able to share their knowledge with the members of the Naga Mission.
Pres. Bliesner,, the Lawhorns from St. George, Sis. Bliesner, the DeGrange's, the Miskins,from Rigby, the Bakers from Logan. We had a couples day on Sat and went to see the Mayon Volcano. It started raining quite so hiking up the trails was not attempted. We watched the movie about Mayon The last time it erupted was 2009. It is a very active volcano.We then drove into Tabaco to an Italian Place where we had a great lunch and got to know the new couple missionaries that are here. Both couples are working directly with the people in a couple of the branches that are in need of help. One branch has 800 members with 100 active.It was interesting to hear them talk about some of the same challenges that we had when we first arrived a year ago. It has been a year and it has gone fast. \
We did not go to church today. I think that it is the first Sunday that we have missed. Something Larry ate did not agree with him and he has been keeping the bathroom busy. So we watched morning and afternoon sessions of General Conference via the internet. We enjoyed the talks. We will go to church next Sat and Sunday and hear them again. They are worth repeating. April looks like it will be a busy month too. We will start off with Career Workshops with missionaries on April 2-3.


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