Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Here it is Aug. 15 and this month is half gone. Saturday Aug. 4 was a Stake Employment Training in Goa. We spent the night in Legazpi and left at 6 the next morning. We had Carlo and the two OJT volunteers with us. OJT is on the job training. Most college students have to do this before they graduate.

 Our two OJT students. They are majoring in Informational Technology.
Brian Dorason and Arsel. They have livened up the Employment Recourse Office. We are having lunch at Max's. Brian ate 3 cups of rice.

 It took 3 hours to drive to Goa and they were ready for us! We completed the training by 12:30 and Pres. Lim informed us that lunch was ready. Sis. Lim and other sisters in the ward had fixed a wonderful lunch for us. Every meal we have had always has rice, of course, and a green leafy vegetable that is steamed in coconut milk and usually has chopped chicken liver. It is made from the Taro leaf. I am finally able to eat the chicken liver, not my favorite but I can do it. There was also a pork adobo, fried lumpia, meat, veggies in egg wrappers,(I really like that), and a very good cookie.

The SEC Training at the Goa Stake

President and Sister Lim and some of the other cooks. It was a very good lunch

Monday and Tuesday was Career Workshop with Missionaries. There were only six but they were a great group. We had two Filipinos and 4 Americans. We always enjoy working with the missionaries.

 Elder Ruben and Conte practicing Power Statements. Elders Speight and Evite in the back

 Working Hard

 Elders Speight and Ruben, Sisters Hill and Laroza, Elders Evite and Conte with
 Pres and Sister Bliesner

Wednesday, we were blessed with a sunshiny day and we did laundry. Thursday, was English class in Naga, again a great group of young people. Friday, was Legazpi day. What a surprise, the chapel had curtains. The pews were padded a couple of weeks ago. What a difference in the feel of the chapel. Went into the RS room and there were padded folding chairs and curtains. The carpet is on the stage and will be installed soon. Elders Cook and Callister will be here on the 25-26 and the building is getting ready. English class was canceled because the choir had to practice for a YSA fireside with Elder Teh, president of the Philippines Area.
Saturday was another Career Workshop for Milaor Ward and San Fernando Branch. We had a good group, this one was different as it was mostly adults and not YSA. Sister Abonalla does a great job of teaching and it is so much more effective in the Bicol dialect. We do our part in English and they understand but they comprehend so much more in their own language. Bishop Sarto sat in on most of the class but he was dividing his time, checking on the lunch that was being prepared. These sisters are such good cooks. The rice was served in the middle of the table on a large banana leaf. The green leafy vegetable was served again only this time hot peppers had been added. Pork Adobo rounded out the meal. We also had wonderful mango juice. Soooo good.

  Lunch- Banana Leaves make a great serving platter

 The Milaor/San Fernando Career Workshop Group. Bishop Sarto, Joy, Chelo, Ivy, Sister DeGrange, Sister Abonalla,  can't remember the
rest of the names.

 The group working hard.

Sunday Aug. 12 we attended our ward and wow – there were curtains and the pews were padded! Monday was a missionary zone meeting with Elder Teh. Elder DeGrange made the comment that he is always amazed at how the general authorities are able to make the scriptures come to life and how clear they are. Again a wonderful lunch (no green vegetablesJ) That evening we were invited for dinner at the mission home. I just feel in awe to be seated across from the Area President, and having normal conversations. Now it is back to normal for a week until Elders Cook and Callister arrive.

Pres. Pangan of the Legazpi Stake ,
Elder and Sister DeGrange
Sister Eda Orling and Bishop Orling
of the Guinobatan First Ward. We got
to know Eda when she volunteered at the
ERC this past year. He is doing his Masters Degree in Manila and comes home  on the weekend to be Bishop.

Two large snails that were enjoying breakfast on our lawn. 

The couples in the Naga Mission enjoyed a activity day this past month
We had a devotional by Pres. and Sister Bliesner and had a chance to 
ask questions and to get to know each other better. We had a wonderful
lunch of lasagna, green salad and ice cream and banana cake. We then
went to the Penafrancia Museum and Catholic Church. We drive by this church
on the way to our house.

The Penafrancia Catholic Church

The  Museum. There is a big festival the
third week of Sept to honor history of
penafrancia. Naga becomes a very crowded
city for the entire week.
The  museum has dioramas depicting the
history of Ina the name of the statue that
is being honored. Each year she has a new
cape that is draped around the small statue.  

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