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May 28,2012
The internet has been down all day but at least we have had power all day. Last week the power was off every day from 1:30-5:30. It gets so hot when the power is off. We are thankful that we are not home a lot. We taught the Self Employment Workshop on Friday and Saturday. There are 17 people in the class. The class is in the Ligao District. We will complete the class on Friday June 1. We enjoy being able to work with the members in the different areas. They have some good ideas for starting their own business. Hopefully, the class is giving them some good background on how to be successful. Friday has come and gone and there were 12 of the 17 who completed the class. We enjoyed meeting and getting to know the members of the Ligao District.
Members of the Ligao Self Employment Class

The whole group

Honey the youngest member of the class. Her mom wants to sell rice out of her house.

This has been a very hot week. We spent a couple of afternoons at the mall because they have aircon. We go  to Jollie Bee’s and have an ice cream sundae and enjoy being out of the heat.  The English classes are going good. One class keeps us on our toes with all the questions that they ask. Some times, the answer is “Just because” which always results in laughter.  We received some books for the class members to check out to read. It has been interesting to listen to the comments. We read out loud in class last week. It was fun and it made it easy to listen to pronunciation. 
Neal and JR.

Jane and Kevin

Bella and Jean. Jean is majoring in Math and needs to speak English to teach Math

Saturday we went to Dyet. It is north of Naga and a two hour drive. We get to drive through the national forest. It reminds me of the forests in the northern United States. There are no pine trees but dense greenery and large trees.  It is really a pretty drive and I didn’t take any pictures. We had lunch in a local cafĂ© and that is always an experience. A lapo lapo was ordered which is a whole fish complete with head, eyes. It was very good. We were giving a training to the unit leaders. We had a good turn out and all of the wards and branches were represented. There were pineapple stands along the road so we stopped and bought a pineapple. It was a big one and it only cost 30 pesos. It  is a really good one. We do enjoy the fresh fruit here.
July 7, 
It really has been a long time since anything has been written. Just lazy.  June has come and gone and here is a condensed version of our activities. The next Saturday we did the 3 and 3 training in the Naga Stake. It was nice not to have to drive a long distance. Again, there was a good turnout of the Priesthood leaders. The next Saturday was a Career Workshop in the Camaligian Branch. We were to start at 8 a.m. and the two that attended came at 10:00 so we rescheduled for June 30.  June 18, we attended a Naga Zone activity. It was held at CWC in Pili. It is a resort water park. We did not do the waterpark but there was a nice shady park area where the missionaries played volleyball, football and dodge ball. We strolled around the area and enjoyed the quiet peaceful surroundings. This was one of the last activities with the Bakers who will be going home soon.
Elder DeGrange in the back with a vanfull of Elders anxious for the zone activity


Larry and I climbed to the top and looked down on Elder and Sister Baker and Pres. Bliesner

Elder Collado, is assigned to the Naga 1st Ward and we enjoy him . He always has a smile. He is being transfered in August

Elder Winter the other half of the Naga 1st. missionaries. He is from Florida

Sisters Baker, DeGrange, Bliesner and the Sister missionaries.

We both got sick on June 20, either a case of food poisoning  or a potent bug. Whatever it was we kept both bathrooms busy for two days. We were so miserable. By  Saturday we were well enough to attend the couples activity in Legazpi. We visited Cagsawa. It is the remains of a church and village that was destroyed by a Mayon eruption in the 1800’s. We were able to meet the Campbell’s, the couple replacing the Bakers.  We rode back with the Blisners and Lawhorns. The Lawhorns live in Liago across the street from Sister Miliflur. She had texted me to stop by as she had some yema for us. It is a very tasty Filipino candy made with sweetened Cond. Milk,  peanuts and cheese.
Elder Campbell with the Lawhorns at Cagsawa

Lunch at Gashof's in Legazpi. A very fancy place and the food was goodl.

The next week we did a Career Workshop on Sunday with Marilou . Monday and Tuesdaywas the June Career Workshop  with 10 missionaries. 

This was what the Missionaries call a waco waco photo. They enjoy acting silly.
We were still not feeling great but you just keep going.  New English classes started on Thursday and Friday and Saturday with the rescheduled Career Workshop. This time we had 11 participants .
The Camaligian Career Workshop

We taught Marylou and Lany on  3 Sunday afternoons because of their work schedules in Camaligian  
 This ended a very busy June. It also leaves us with 3 months left in our mission. The time is flying.

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